The Last Gentlemen Podcast

Today's special guest is from SiriusXm's The Breakdown... Allison Dore

Jay and Al read an email from a listener who recently discovered that his wife of many years was actually a hooker the whole time. We breakdown the situation and also give the guy some solid advice while sharing tips on how to discover whether or not your spouse may be working in the sex trade!

All this and Sex Robots as we return to a weekly schedule!

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We are back after a brief summer break with some TLG Podcast.

 The Toronto Blue Jay's are beating up people and reporters...We figure out who, and why. 

Jay's got a big announcement!

Unrefined Gentlemen talking $hit

All this and more! 

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Today's episode of The Last Gentlemen Podcast features a couple of crank calls to Jay's sweet old mom. 

We discuss the mystery behind Justin Trudeau's face! 

And break down why Drake lost his rap beef to Pusha T. 

All this and we talk with Toronto Mike about what went down on the show Jay used to work on

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On this episode we recap Kevs wedding!

Hear about pissing your pants on Mushrooms. 

Talk about NHL great Gary Leeman. 

And Jay will play "keytar" while having some "nose beers" 

All this and more!

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on this week's episode kevin and jay discuss Jays's twitter beefs, having sex with cars, and DJ Khalid not liking to give oral. All of this plus much more.

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On this week's episode the guys talk about the recent arrest of Toronto Blue Jay's pitcher Roberto Osuna, and some new inventions in technology that's going to change our lives for the better . . . .hopefully. All of this plus much more

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On this week's episode Jay spends the majority of the episode making fun of Kevin's bachelor party and the activities he participated in, they discuss the latest movement of men hating women and joining a group called Incels,and how Canada treats dangerous criminals. All of this plus much more 

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On this week's special 250th episode Kevin and Travis talk about shitty kids being loud, how to handle smelly "private parts", and how to cope with a girlfriend that is insecure with parts of her body. All of this plus much more.

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blah blah blah . . .facebook . . . .blah blah blah "Dick Detailing"  . . . just listen

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On this week's episode the gents ended up talking about Ronda Rousey's wrestling debut and they talk about the WWE hosting a pay par view event in Dubai. All of this plus much more 

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