The Last Gentlemen Podcast (comedy)

In this weeks episode The Gentlemen discuss the current fashion trend of men wearing "meggings". Other topics discussed includes the mystery of the missing malaysian flight, girls on tinder posing with horses and we spread some positive energy to the world.

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In this week's episode The Gentlemen discuss St Patrick's day and all of the craziness surrounding the irish celebration. They also discuss their theroies regarding missing flight MH370. All of this plus much more . . .

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In this week's episode The gentlemen discuss the extreme high prices of beer at popular sporting events along with the idea of amalgamting every professional sport into one. They also discuss Jay brody's adventure at the Toronto sex show and and all the cool gadgets and interesting people he met. All this plus much more.

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In this week's episode The Gentlemen wax poetic about coffee shop contests, discuss the finer points of sharing a home with a person, and Kevin finds revealing photos of Jay's sister and decides to ruin his day. All this and more.

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In this week's episode The Gentlemen discuss the finer points of today's pop culture, talking about Subway's rubber bread, Barbera Walter's vibrator, and Jay Brody and special guest Danny Bruzzi harass people at the Toronto's auto Show.

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In this week's episode The Gentlemen discuss the finer points of Valentine's day, Jay's Italian mother has a wife in mind for him, and a discussion about how to have a happy marriage which turns into savagery! this and more

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This week The Gentlemen lambaste the Sochi Winter Games, Vladimir Putin, and pay tribute to the fallen Philip Seymour Hoffman. All this and more . . . . 

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In This week's episode, The Last Gentlemen argue over Toronto's Notorious Rob Ford, Applaud Canadian Icon Justin Bieber, and ask "The 8 Million Dollar Question"

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In this week’s episode, the Gentlemen discuss the stupidity of Cosmopolitan magazine, being cheated on by ex-girlfriends and Jay's fondness for peppermint foot cream

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In this weeks episode of "The Last Gentlemen Podcast" Jay Brody and Kevin discuss the terrifying polar vortex, a dogs love for man, and Kevin's disturbing porn habits.

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