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This week The Gentlemen lambaste the Sochi Winter Games, Vladimir Putin, and pay tribute to the fallen Philip Seymour Hoffman. All this and more . . . . 

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In This week's episode, The Last Gentlemen argue over Toronto's Notorious Rob Ford, Applaud Canadian Icon Justin Bieber, and ask "The 8 Million Dollar Question"

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In this week’s episode, the Gentlemen discuss the stupidity of Cosmopolitan magazine, being cheated on by ex-girlfriends and Jay's fondness for peppermint foot cream

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In this weeks episode of "The Last Gentlemen Podcast" Jay Brody and Kevin discuss the terrifying polar vortex, a dogs love for man, and Kevin's disturbing porn habits.

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In this week's episode the Gentlemen talk about strategies for surviving on a desserted island, and pay a courageous and powerful tribute to Paul Walker.

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In this week's episode, Comedian Jay Brody and Kevin talk about advice they would give their eight year old self, how to wear a man purse, the "pussification" of today's men, and how to avoid STD's. No holds barred, uncensored, funny and real. This is The Last Gentlemen Podcast.

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#1 The last gentlemen kick off Episode

Every Week, Comedian Jay Brody, and his opinionated Co-Host Kevin, bring you no holds barred discussions on everything pertaining to popular culture and current events, from the view point of two not so refined Gentlemen. Art, History, Sex, Drugs, Politics, religion, no topic is out of bounds, or to be censored during The Last Gentlemen Podcast

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