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On this weeks episode, The Gentlemen discuss self driving cars, resting bitch face, and they spew out some porn hub stats. All of this plus much more.

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On this weeks bonus episode, the Gentlemen speak with Jay Onrait, discuss the new James Bond movie, their favourite Bond Girls, & a special, yet expensive, scotch. Jay Onrait is a Canadian sportscaster and best-selling author who co-hosts "Fox Sports Live" on FS1, co-hosts "The Jay and Dan Podcast", and is the author of "Anchorboy" and his new book "Number Two."

Wanna go see Nada Surf on Monday November 16th at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto? We are going to be there hanging out with the band and want to give you a pair of tickets! Email and say you want to go! A winner will be randomly selected on Sunday November 15th. 

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On this week's episode Kevin and Brian talk about Kevin's week from hell, two bank robbers that showed off their score on social media, and a parody of Eharmony that is actually a great idea. All of this plus much more

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On this week’s episode, the Gentlemen talk about proper gym etiquette, pyramid schemes, why diamond rings are scams, a man who had a different idea of a Halloween decoration, and a “shocking” fact about vegetarians. All of this plus much more.

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On this week's episode, the Gentlemen announce a special new sponsor, they talk about proper etiquette a gentlemen has in public, and they bring back a popular segment to the show. All of this plus much more.

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This week's bonus episode is all about the listeners! We answer listener questions on love, Tinder, podcasting, and break-ups! Listen as the Gentlemen dish out some advice the only way they know how.

Want to have your question answered on the show? Reach out to us at and you could be featured on an upcoming episode!

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On this weeks episode, the Gentlemen discuss angry Kevin, how to handle stress in your life, and Kevin sees if Travis and Brian know their tools. All of this plus much more.

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On this weeks episode, the Gentlemen have a State of the Union and welcome their new co-host to the show Brian. They then discuss Kevin's scary appointment with a urologist, Netflix and Chill phenomenon, and Kevin's recent tinder date. All of this plus much more.

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On this weeks episode, the Gentlemen have another round of "Things You Could Do 10 Years Ago", they talk about a Tinder love story, and Jay makes an announcement regarding his future on The Last Gentlemen Podcast. All of this plus much more.

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On this weeks episode Kevin is joined by friend of the show and host of the "it's weird for everyone" podcast Brian Sawyer. They discuss their lover for blow jobs, strippers, Kevin's hate for men wearing onesie's and they talk about selfie deaths. All this plus much more.

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