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On this weeks bonus episode, the Gentlemen talk with musician and professional partier Andrew W.K.. They talk about his new podcast "America W.K.", his approach to partying, his career in music, and what people can expect from his live shows. All of this plus much more.

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On this weeks episode, the Gentlemen talk about the latest on the Bill Cosby saga, a man who flew on a lawn chair supported by helium-filled balloons, people on Facebook, and a Mississauga man who's busting pedophiles. All of this plus much more.

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On this week's bonus episode, the Gentlemen talk with actor, comedian, and host of the "The Beige Phillips Show" Dante Nero. Dante is a former stripper and pimp who then became an actor and comedian and he talks about his past, advice on women, mistakes men make, and his podcast. All of this plus much more.

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On Today's Episode, Jay gets infuriated at new theme restaurants. The Gentleman come up with a new one called "Single Dads". We talk about a hot Florida teacher who broke some laws, and give our Gentleman Of The Week Award to a guy who bucked social conventions and was eaten by an Alligator.

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On this week's episode, the Gentlemen talk about the Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage in the United States, possibly outlawing prostitution in Canada, STI detecting condoms, and camping. All of this plus much more.

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On this weeks episode The Gentlemen talk about a new trend that woman are adopting where they choose to not shave their arm pit hair, a transgendered vampyre and they discuss the horrible tragedy that happened in Charleston, South Carolina earlier this week. All of this plus much more

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On this week's special bonus episode ,The Gentlemen conduct an interview with former Minnesota Governor, former pro-wrestler, actor, bestselling-author and now host of’s “Off The Grid” Jesse Ventura. Jesse talks about his time in politics, his new show, and he gives his opinion on what the united states needs to do to become the thriving and booming super power it once was. All of this plus much more.

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On this week’s episode The Gentlemen have Stone Cold Steve Austin give our listeners his take on Viagra and he gives our listeners some great advice on how to live your life. They also talk about she sheds, and the recent controversy of Rachel Dolezal lying about being of an African American decent. All of this plus much more.

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Co Founder of "Vice" Gavin McInnes joins us in an intense interview. We discuss his explosive podcast, his on air confrontations on Fox News, and enough solid Gentlemenly advice is given. Always controversial, the "Godfather of Hipsterdom" does not disappoint.

Check out his controversial fox appearance: ‘You’d Be Much Happier at Home!’: Hannity Panel on Feminism Goes Off the Rails

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On this week's episode The Gentlemen talk about people who are transabled, a woman who is petitioning to have a handicap orgy in time for the Pan Am games in Toronto, and shia labeouf shares some inspiration with us all. All of this plus much more.

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