The Last Gentlemen Podcast

In this week's episode The Gentlemen discuss Kevin's experience with DMT, they discuss Drake and his lint roller at the Toronto Raptors game and give advice on how to end a relationship. All of this and much more.

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In this week's special episode, The Gentlemen discuss the stereotype of Europeans seran wrapping their couches, Jay causes trouble at a Rob Ford rally, and they conclude the episode by celebrating 420 on air.

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In this week's episode we have a special guest host . . . . Dee Diddler. Dee does a spot on impression of Jay Brody. Kevin and Dee give their opinion on having children, being politically correct when it comes to race and the reliance we all have to social media.

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In this week's episode The Gentlemen discuss their plans for when they become the new Mayor of Toronto, The embarrassing baby back pack, and nude yoga. All of this and much more

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