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On this week’s episode The Gentlemen discuss North Korea and the controversy involving the release of “The Interview”, another missing plane in Asia, and they conduct an interview with Josh Haddon who is a terminally ill, 28 year old Canadian man. He has started a web series made to motivate people and share his story of battling cancer named “The funny thing about cancer”. Check him out on twitter @hahahaddon and his youtube channel

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On this week's episode The Gentlemen talk all things Christmas. They discuss a rough recording of a Mariah Carey Christmas concert, Christmas porn, and the gentlemen talk about their most memorable Christmas memories

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On this week’s episode The Gentlemen discuss how many commercials in 2014 are made to make men look like stupid apes, they crown Leonardo DiCaprio the gentlemen of the week and they play a clip from a CBC radio show where to wine connoisseurs get into a fist fight over who has the better product. All of this plus much more.

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On this week’s special episode The gentlemen conduct an exclusive interview with the “Pod-Father” himself Adam Carolla, He shares his thoughts on what he thinks are the keys to success and talks about his new inspirational podcast “Take A Knee”. They also talk about a Hamilton, Ontario woman who left her dead husband in the attic for 6 months expecting him to resurrect from the dead. They also talk about a couple in England who have a court order to remain silent during sex. All of this plus much more

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On this week's special episode The Gentlemen reach a small milestone of 50 episodes. They conduct an interview with Todd Shapiro of XM's "The Todd Shapiro show", Kevin and Jay discuss power moves and Bill Bixby calls Sea World and tries to buy a dolphin. All of this plus much more.

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