The Last Gentlemen Podcast
#182 Italian Priest Orgies & Other Ways To Die!

The Gentlemen discuss the ways in which they would like to meet their maker! Learn about terrible ways to die, and which is the best way to go. 

An Italian Priest is caught holding orgies in his rectory! We talk Priests, Orgies, and Pope Bene-Dick! 

Roddy has a new business venture, and we try to make your smart devices order drums of lube to your house! 

All this and more....


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Original Gentlemen. 

Jay Brody! :@thejaybrody

Kevin! :@TLGKevin

Travis: @TLGtravis 


Additional Gentlemen

Roddy Colmer : @roddycolmer

Brian Sawyer : @thebriansawyer


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