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On Today's Episode Jay Brody gets a surprise gift from a listener at a show that blows his mind and potentially could change his life... A working prototype of The AutoBlumpkin 6QS! Hear about how the Gentlemen invented such a genius device, and where it all started! All this and more...

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On this week's episode Kevin and Jay give out advice to woman moving in with men for the first time, Gene Simmons trademarking the devil horns, and Canada's most respected and least respected professions. all this plus much more.



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The Last Gentlemen Podcast features Celebs you never knew could sing, succeeding and failing at music in ways you could never imagine! 

Also Jay knows how to deal with a Dusty Shelf


All this and more!.


New Episodes Every Sunday Evening! This episode was delayed due to tech difficulties. ( Someone might have used a USB Key, to do Key Bumps) 

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This episode features some of The Last Gentlemen's best interviews. 

Larry King talks about what all top performers have in common

Henry Rollins discusses how to use Anger to achieve anything. 

Adam Carolla tells us how your mother might be like failed quarterback Ryan Leaf

And Ms Pat talks about making huge life changes and getting her nipple shot off! 

All this and Jay makes up words and swears at himself for it. 

Big Thanks and Congrats to The Traducer, Travis for making a baby and making these interviews happen

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