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This episode features Brian and Julian from "Its Weird For Everyone" with Jay Brody..The Gentlemen discuss having a child from a perspective of a Dad, a soon to be Dad and a man who is childless but supports many prostitutes. 

Should you hit your kids? Many good points and a wonderful conclusion is made. 

All this and more!

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On This weeks edition of The Last Gentlemen Podcast we sit down with Roddy us a quick lesson in Pisstory


Magic mushrooms can save your mental well being, however Jay reports on some trips that almost ruined.him


All this and more

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This week's edition of The Last Gentlemen Podcast features special guest, Comedian, Clifford Myers. We discuss Dead Fat Guy Clothes. Clifford never having gone to a strip club and the soon to be famous, Dr Loads... All this and more

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On this week's episode Kevin and Jay talk about Kevin's awkwardness greeting young teenage girls, Jay found a new way of getting cheap gas, and they talk about someone who was close to Jay taking her own life. All of this plus much more.


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