The Last Gentlemen Podcast

Jay Brody is back from Italy tells tales about Pizza, Police, and Perfume. A man with a 19 inch penis needs your help! and have a coffee with a bunch of cats. All of this plus much more

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On this weeks episode, the Gentlemen talk about the controversy surrounding Subway's Jared, Ashley Madison's website hack, Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costumes, and poo flavoured curry. All of this plus much more.

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On this weeks episode, the Gentlemen, minus Jay Brody, talk about asparagus water, Kevin's Tinder complaints, a football players thoughts participation trophies, and what is wrong with music today. All of this plus much more.

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On this week's episode, The Gentlemen take a look at a video from a group of "White Knights" apologizing to all Women, and then Apologize to all Women properly. Kevin almost gets into a fist fight, Jay has 5 years to live, and Drones that Deal Drugs! All this and More

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Unable to decide which Episode they should ask future potential Girlfriends to listen to, Jay and Kev, decide to make a Potential Girlfriend Podcast. Also discussed, ISIS purchasing Russian Mail Order Brides, and a Rich Dead Guy, who may have actually been a Part Alien Secret Agent. All this and More

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