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#163 The Last Gentle-Nerds

On this week's episode the guys talk about a Ocean 11 reboot with a all female cast, why suicide squad hasn't been a critic favourite and being raped by a pokemon. All of this plus much more 

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On this weeks episode of 2 mics, 1 tip, Kevin and Sally discuss a harsh msg a man sent to his date, Kevin's Sex Log, and Kyle from Australia returns with an update. All of this plus mucg more.

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On this week's episode Kevin sits down with friend and youtube personality Sulman AKA ESS. They talk about Sulmans experience in LA, having things stolen from you, and the effects technology is having on us. All of this plus much more.

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On this week's episode Kevin and special guest co-host Jay discuss the Rio Olympics. They discuss crimes against tourists that are being commited, olympians visiting a brothel . . . . .by accident and how dirty the water is. All this plus much more.

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On this episode of 2 mic's, 1 tip Kevin And Sally discuss if unconditional love is a true thing in romantic relationships, why men cheat, and they get a caller from detroit. all of this plus much more.

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On this week's episode Kevin does a solo rant about the olympics and some current events and he shares an episode that he was a guest on "it's weird for everyone". The guys talked about race relations, being a parent in current day, and the new power rangers movie. All of this plus much more.

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On this weeks episode, Kevin and former co-host Brian talk about what's been happening in pop culture over the past month, remedies to increase sperm count, and a beautiful teacher who gave blowjobs to her students for nothing in return. All of this plus much more. 

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