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On today's episode of The Last Gentlemen Podcast, Jay Brody, Roddy Colmer and Travis discuss the official death count of every Black Friday ever! How many people have died shopping for a 4th TV? We'll tell you. Travis is a super genius. Jay's Mental Powers have grown. Roddy Colmer wants to read you a story. And Bill Bixby calls SeaWorld to try and buy a Dolphin for his kids.. All this and more! 


The Last Gentlemen Podcast! 

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On this episode of The Last Gentlemen Podcast, Roddy and Jay get a listener email about whether or not to have sex with a cheating friends wife. Roddy helps Jay with a problem. How Fake News becomes news and how anyone can join the mainstream media. President Obama wants you to have a clean mouth... All this and how your sexist mechanic is just like Donald Trump.

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On today's episode of The Last Gentlemen Podcast, Jay Brody is joined by Brian Sawyer and his wife Cheryl for a bit of Gentlemanly $#it talk. We discuss the truth about Trump's hair work, rigged protesters and safe spaces at universities. Plus the people that are afraid of breakfast, and we discuss how many votes Harambee the gorilla got. All of this plus much more. 

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Jay Brody is joined by Roddy Colmer, and the two discuss Eddie Vedder's Love for the Chicago Cubs! Roddy realizes that he might actually have Eddie's number and they decide to give him a call.. Also Jay runs down the spooky Wikileaks that implicates Hillary Clinton with Satanism... All this and more!

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