The Last Gentlemen Podcast

This edition of The Last Gentlemen Podcast is a bit of a throwback. Jay Brody starts the show by announcing the debut of his new weekly show on Sirius XM Canada Laughs, and also gives an update on the whereabouts of Kevin. We also throw to a wayback play back and play a classic episode of The Last Gentlemen Podcast! All new episode coming this Sunday!

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On this week's episode the gents talk about  if you’re sober and your girlfriend is pretty drunk, do you feel hesitant to have sex with her when she wants to?, ex-girlfriends professing their love for you, and a recovering cancer patient getting fined for doing the right thing. All of this plus much more

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On this week's episode the guys talk about an absurd sexual assault lawsuit against ESPN, and the guys debate about making prostitution legal in Canada. All of this plus much more

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On this week's episode the guys pull up old clips from a famous Canadian show that discussed sex, Bringing food into the bedroom, and 16 things women didn't know before they gave a blow job. All of this plus more

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