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On Today's episode of The Last Gentlemen Podcast we discuss which Halloween Costumes are now suddenly too offensive to wear in 2018 and suggest a fantastic New Costume no one is wearing this year. Joe Rogan is the new Johnny Carson, and don't take a photo with a guy's head unless there is a guy attached to it. All this and More
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On Today's Episode of The Last Gentlemen Podcast the boys talk about The legalization of weed in Canada and how Doug Ford is now selling THC vaginal sprays. We talk about the black market vs the legal market and how hard your local drug dealer has to work for you. Also a special kind of Jesus tries to make an appearance on the Podcast. 
All this and a whole lot more.
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On this weeks episode Kevin And Jay talk about the "three point of contact" method when it comes to "love making", men posing a threat to their spouse by using sex dolls, and they discuss inventions that they think were made because someone wanted to have sex with it. All of this plus much more

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On this week's episode Kevin And jay discuss Suge Knight and Bill Cosby being sent to prison, a sexual assault accusation against world famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, and a surprising result when "Dollar beers" go up against more expensive beers. all of this plus much more.

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On this episode of The Last Gentlemen Podcast we share some pretty questionable audio about Toronto's own Drake! Also talk about Sea Pitbulls, Darts and Snitches, Party Turtle is in the news! plus the best art story ever. All this and more...

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