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On this weeks episode the gentlemen talk about crazy american laws, a man who wants to legally change his age, and Kevin hates government workers. all of this plus much more

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on this week's episode the guys talk about the dangers of living in Australia, the recent passing of comic book legend Stan Lee and high level athletes doing "all the cocaine'. all of this plus much more.

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On this week's episode the gentlemen discuss their disdain for Christmas, a company that specializes in a all sex and drugs vacation getaway, they glance at a couple of kijiji's "missed connections" ads, and Kevin shits on the taxi cab industry. All of this plus much more.

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On Today's Episode of The Last Gentlemen Podcast, we discuss how Kev and Jay can be easily be bought! Also Jay's radio show is releasing a podcast, The WWE went to Saudi Arabia and now any wrestler living or dead is available. Also Murder Robots and Red Dead Redemption 2 makes all the money ever. All this and more....
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